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Two sides to every coin. Two sides to every life story. The only thing is if we choose to flip again should we end up with a side not so pleasurable.

My name is Brandon, and I am a short story crime fiction writer. And, in my researches, I have come across numerous cases of people who didn’t wait for opportunity to knock on their door; they went out to make some for themselves. I write about ordinary people on their quest for the ultimate prize–righting a wrong. 

I also write inspirational quotes & create quote banners to uplift and encourage. I hope my posts here enlighten, as well as entertain.

Skies Can’t Be Limits If There Are Footprints On the Moon & Tire Tracks On Mars

The sky’s the limit.


That’s some major bull you-know-what.

     There is an awesome quote out there that reverses the “Sky’s the Limit” thing big time by reminding us all of just how high we’ve reached thus far in the history of humans. When you really think about it, it’s truth to be told.


I can do them one better.


Well….technically NASA is doing them better via the Curiosity rover.

And, you can even have cremated remains launched into space just like Star Trek’s James “Scotty” Doohan.

     So, keep all of this in mind when life throws you a few lemons. Pick them up, remember you can rise as high as you need to, and then throw those lemons right back.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Awakening

via Photo Challenge: Awakening

It is perhaps the single most effective thing about Spring–when the living creatures who just happen to inhabit this rock 93 million miles from the Sun are brought out of the frigid grip of winter slumber. What was once a time for rest and healing is now when the vitalization of all of us begins.

An awakening is an activation. Think of it as a computer being turned on–numerous operations initialize, & one by one, important components are powered up. I choose the mighty black bear of North America for the subject of this piece because I was fortunate enough to witness this process take place. On a hike, our group passed near some river-side caves, and lo & behold, a family of bears emerged, the cubs appearing to rub their eyes like an infant waking up. We crouched as not to startle them and watched them slow dust off the cobwebs of hibernation. The cubs played while the parents took to the edge of a nearby stream, possibly hunting for breakfast. We decided it was best for us to turn around & head back to the lodge, not allowing ourselves to disturb this beautiful display of natural events.

I Swear Some Days I Think I Owe My Toilet An Apology

“I swear some days I think I owe my toilet an apology.” – Comedian George Wallace

     I am currently living in a small one bedroom, one bathroom apartment that just happens to be the right walking distance from a convenience store, a mall, a Dollar General, and best of all–a Starbucks. Unfortunately, I may have failed to take into account just how close I eat, drink, & sleep from my dingbat friends, the very same dingalings that nearly blew up my first car (a story for another time 🙂 LOL…). Anyway, being college sports fanatics, we’ve been snacking our backsides off with this year’s March Madness. All that food we’ve taken in has to leave us eventually, right?

     A quote from legendary comedian George Wallace was brought to my attention that coincidentally describes the mood of my tiny little bathroom for the past couple of weeks. I do have a big rule about dealing with my porcelain throne–#1’s only. The only ones that can ‘drop logs’ are my immediate family. And, I do my best to keep my bathroom as clean as possible, however, this year’s tournament has been the most exciting I’ve ever witnessed, mainly watching nearly every bracket explode when #16 UMBC took out #1 Virginia in the ultimate Hold-My-Beer moment. My poor commode probably didn’t feel any better as we witnessed mostly the lower seeds advance, making munch time far more frequent. And I strongly believe you can guess what happens next.

BTW:  My prediction–#11 Loyola-Chicago VS. #1 Kansas for the Championship.

Kansas to win it all.

But, Loyola-Chicago will have one hell of a hero’s homecoming.

Music Program Prevents Prison Returns

I came across this piece & thought it was a good share.

Music Program Prevents Prison Returns

Some say that music can soothe even the most savage of beasts, but can it open the doors to new opportunities where there isn’t any? Possibly the most agonizing life is having to live a normal while having an incarceration branded to you. I’ve toured a few prisons in my professional career as a writer, and most of the inmates I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with basically said the same thing when it comes to overall living once they are released back into the general population. I hope this is a good inspirational topic of conversating, given all the bad news that has plagued us this year.

Beware Today, The Ides of March

From my other blog, A Writer’s World on Blogger


ides_coin      March 15th, 44 BC. A soothsayer (like a fortune teller) saw the vision of the death of Roman’s greatest leader Julius Caesar. Moments later, right in front of members of his own senate, he was stabbed multiple times. The coldest part was his own best friend Brutus got a couple of stabs in. Caesar’s famous line of “Et tu, Bruté?” (And you, Brutus?) actually is a bit popular when BFF’s turn their backs on each other.


Well, at least Caesar has a sense of humor about this.




I might just order pizza tonight   ↓↓↓2-LittleCaesars_Logo-2_0

William Shatner & NASA Can Send Your Name To The Sun

Check out: https://www.space.com/39900-william-shatner-name-sun-parker-solar-probe.html

From now through April 27th, you can register your name or someone else’s to be put on a microchip that will be placed aboard the NASA’s Parker Solar Probe and launched July 31st (two days after my b-day). Once arrived, the probe will orbit our closest star for the next seven years for several up-close-and-personal flybys. Leave it to Captain Kirk to do something awesome like this 😀

I’m on. Are you?


My Parker Probe Ticket Screenshot
Screenshot of my Parker Solar Probe Name Ticket